The Positive Notebook: 5 things you should tell yourself everyday.

5 things you should tell yourself everyday

Everyday you wake up is a blessing. The way to get your day started and on track no matter what situation you may face today, you must speak positive facts to yourself. Encourage yourself. Build yourself up. Have confidence in your abilities, your looks, yourself, and God!

I got 5 things you NEED to tell yourself to help you be the best that you know you already are!


You are the best at anything you are trying to do. Most importantly you are the best at being YOU! Never think you are worth less. No one can be you better than you. I wake up everyday know that Dartannon is the best at being Dartannon. You don’t have to be like others. God created you just the way he knew best. He knows you better than you know yourself. He sees you and know you are the best. Believe that you are too!!


I know life can be tough at times, but you got this!! You’re blessed to see another day for a reason! Go out and make greatness happen for yourself. Anything you put your mind to doing, you can do! Never doubt your God given abilities. Don’t limit yourself from the things God has taken the limits off of for you. YOU CAN DO IT!!


I know at times it just feels like you are alone, but I promise, God is always with you! Through the good and the bad, he is right there. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge the goodness he has done for you. We need God daily. Starting your day off with God is always a plus for a great day. No matter any circumstance, he is right there. You are not alone. Talk to God.


You are a winner, no matter what! Have that winning attitude daily. To me , a loss is just another lesson that’s going to help me win! You are a winner at everything you are doing, especially Life!! You’re blessed to have another chance to win! Take advantage! Make your days count and win win win no matter what!!


This is one of the main things I tell myself. Even when things may go left, I always have the faith to know that God will make things right! Proclaiming that today is your day is a major confidence builder because we never know what the day will bring. That’s all faith! Believing in something even though you can’t see it. Walk by faith not sight. It’s your day to be great!!

Now that you know these 5 things to tell yourself. Go out and make great things happen for yourself. Dreams don’t work unless you get to work. You have greatness in you, so go give greatness and receive it in return!!

The Positive Notebook: Born to win, Built to win

We all have greatness within us, Despite our circumstances in which we are born in. We all have the choice and opportunity to do and be something great in the world. Some may say we were born to lose. But once you realize who you are and whose you are, you will begin to realize that you were born to win from the start. Many people that you may come across in your lifetime want you to fail. Realize that the battle is given to those who endure until the end. It isn’t complete failure until you quit. In life you’re going to win, and you’re going to lose. Your true character will show in those moments in how you handle it. You were born to win and built to win. But you must experience some loses in life to win. Those loses are just learning curves to push you to your greatness. Learn from those loses, and believe that in the end you’ll have sweet victory.

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The Positive Notebook: God is fixing the broken pieces of your life

God is fixing the broken pieces of your life. Get ready for restoration.

God is preparing you for everything you prayed for.

We sometimes feel broken from what life brings us at times. From losing things to losing someone we love. Broken pieces can be put back together. But we sometimes feel as if it’s never going to be the same. It’s true. It won’t be the same but knowing that life goes on and that all your pieces can be put back together to keep going on in life.

God is going to restore you back better than ever. Your testimony is going to be what reach others to help them put their broken pieces together. God is going to restore you and add more value to what he is restoring. It’s all in preparation for what you have prayed for. When you pray for something you must also be ready for the battle the enemy is going to put up to stop you to fulfilling what God is about to bless you with.

Pray for it then prepare for it. What you want to become depends on what you can overcome. The brokenness in your life is apart of your story. Setbacks just prepare you for your comeback. God is making you stronger than you were before. Get ready but stay ready for what God is about to do in your life.

Don’t lose those broken pieces because they can be put back together. Don’t lose yourself. Find God because he will help you find yourself and help you put those broken pieces back together.

The Positive Notebook: You deserve.

You deserve every good thing that is coming to you this year. I know in past time it can seem like you been giving more than you have been receiving. I’m believing that this year, you will be rewarded for how much you’ve given. You deserve the happiness you been giving others. The deserve the love you been showing to others. You deserve the loyalty. Don’t settle for anything less than what you have been giving. Know what you deserve. The good things that are coming are going to Be worth the wait. God’s blessing on your life is about to be seen from others.

We all know the saying, “ you get what you deserve “ which is a true statement. What you give you will get back in return. Life is too short to live life full of anger and disappointments. Although these things will occur, we must think of the blessings of God allowing us to make it this far and the great things that are in store. Live life to the fullest. Full of happiness, full of love, full of laughter, full of positivity. What you deserve will be in return this season. Show love to others, support others, be there for others. Getting what you deserve first start with GIVING what you deserve.

The Positive Notebook: The Art of the Mind

The mind is a beautiful art. One of the greatest things about the mind is that we have control over it. We face the most battles in our mind because, it is the mind in which the battles begin before it becomes action. Negativity will cross your mind, but your greatest power is replacing that negativity with positivity. The choice is yours. Another great power that you have is that, whatever you put your mind to do, you will and can do. We all have dreams and goals, and if we constantly put thoughts of greatness in our mind, it will soon become actions of greatness. Yes, people are going to doubt you and tell you what’s impossible, but with God, all things are possible and you are the masterpiece of the most high. You have the power to make your dreams a reality. Let your thoughts become actions of hard work and dedication. Faith without works is dead. Keep a positive mindset throughout your journey. You have greatness in you! and don’t let anyone change your mind about your greatness. Know yourself, know your worth. You have the power over your own mind. Don’t let the impossibilities of someone else stop you from achieving the things you know are possible.

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The Positive Notebook: Numbing the pain is not healing the pain

Numbing the pain is not healing the pain, you cannon heal your own heart. Only God can heal and mend that type of pain in your heart and heal it. You don’t have to go out and pretend to be happy. Find your happiness within God and it will help you find yourself. Most people actions/lives show a lot of emptiness rather than happiness. It’s easy to tell people you’re happy because it’s easy to say and you tell yourself so you can fell better. But im hear to let you know that you can find true happiness in your life. Pain is temporary. That pain won’t last forever, but its your choice to get healing or to keep numbing the pain. With a numb heart, you can push away the people that God has placed in your life for a reason. It’ll be hard to accept what is good for you because you may feel like you don’t deserve it. We all deserve to be happy but we must choose happiness. The choice is yours. That pain will push you to your purpose in life. Let God heal your heart. Don’t get bitter get better, so you can receive better. We are all going to experience pain in life but we don’t have to let “PAIN” be our life. Those wounds will heal and you will be better than before. Let God heal you from the Pain in your life so you can live your purpose in life and help others overcome their pain and begin their purpose also.

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The Positive Notebook: Growth in the valley

Growth happens in the valley. At the lowest points in our lives we have the decision to either grow and become stronger or stay there and become weaker. God never said that we will not experience storms in life. Just like seeds, God sends that storm so we can grow. You are a seed that will flourish to your best potential. In order to grow, you must be watered. That storm that was planning on breaking you, God is going to use it to make you better and stronger. Whatever situations you have in your life that’s been defeating you, just know that it’s your time to win this one. Grow through what you go through.

Your growth is going to shock the world. When You have a connection with God, he will cause growth in every season. Seasons that are unexpected for growth, he will allow you to blossom over any and every situation. Allow God in your life to help you in every situation in your life.

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The Positive Notebook: Trust the timing of your life

Trust the timing of your life. God has a lot of great things in store that he wants you to achieve, but sometimes we get distracted and lose focus because we begin to focus on what other people have and what you don’t have. Everyone timing in life is different but that doesn’t mean that you are behind. It just means that in patience, your time is coming. Staying focused, working hard, and keeping the faith and the things that you have been working for will come to pass. In life I felt like I was behind because I focused my attention on looking at what others had and not realize what I have and what I am working on. Its just in due time. Your season will come! Trust the process that God is taking you through in your life. If you can handle the small things you will be able to handle the larger things but the process is what helps humble you and help you to handle these things. My process in life I know it has helped with my patience and helped humble me. So if you’re out there and you have goals, you have dreams of doing something, don’t stop, don’t quit. Consistency brings results. Your time will come.

Greatness takes time. You are a seed that’s being planted. It’s a process to see a seed grow into a flower or tree. God has the perfect timing for what he wants to do in your life. It’s going to take your effort and faith to activate him in your life. Blessings are delayed and not denied. God is building you behind the scenes to get you ready for what he has. I know because in the time I started dream Leaders I was going at a good pace. Some things came along to where I had to get myself together. It’s not that I lost passion I just knew what I had to do first, which is getting my priorities right. Now I’m a college graduate and about to work in my career field. The dream that God gave me didn’t stop, it just went to working behind the scenes and now the timing of it being back in the forefront is in Gods perfect timing.

I know we all have dreams of doing great things. God sometimes keeps us in a situation until we learn from it or it’ll just keep repeating itself. I was in that moment of repetition before and now God has opened new doors for me. Use the situation you’re in as a building block. God’s timing is worth the wait.

The Positive Notebook: All things fall together

All things fall together
You don’t have to have it all together. Life is all about becoming better everyday. Sometimes we think just because we are at a point in life where it just seems like nothing is working or you keep losing things, nothing is going your way and it seem like everyone is against you. That’s enough problems right there to throw in the towel. In my life I experienced low times and high times, but in the low times that’s what helped build me to be better. There are lessons learned in those low moments but the question is are you learning to do better? The low moments are beneficial when you learn from them. Going up a level in life is going to require a different version of you. But if you keep experiencing some of the same things, maybe you haven’t leveled up yet. But when you do level up you’re going to experience some things at level one plus the more at level two. It’s all about having the mindset that, you’re not going to let the same thing continue to stop you and block you. In life things are going to fall apart just so they can be put back together the right way and better. God wants us to trust him during the lows as well as the highs. It’s easy to forget what God has done in the high moments because in our mind things are good, but the low moments teaches us that if I have that same level of faith that put me back together, if I keep that faith it’ll be stronger than ever. The things we face in life can be repeated sometimes God allow us to visit a certain situation just so we can do things right this time. Life gets better. You have the opportunity everyday to make something happen. It’s all up to you.

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The Positive Notebook: God is up to something

When you’re down to nothing, God is up to something.
In life sometimes we lose things and don’t understand why, or how it happens. Seems like when you’re doing things right it makes room for things to go wrong. Many times we find ourselves down to nothing, wondering are things gonna get better. I’m here to tell you that things do get better.

I believe God allows us to lose some things just so he can give us something better. But in that moment we fail to understand that. I know times in my life I didn’t understand why things were happening even when I was doing things right. Fast forward looking back, I begin to be thankful for what I didn’t see at first of what I see now. You’re faith can take you a long ways in life. You have to trust and believe that the best is yet to come. God is not going to leave you empty handed. He wants us to prosper in life. He wants us to get broken down just so we can be better than before. Do you have the faith to believe that? We might not understand what God is doing in our lives but we must trust him, knowing that he will never leave us nor forsake us. God is up to something in your life and that something is a good something. Have faith and believe. God got your back and has your best interest at heart.

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