Don’t rush what God is taking time to prepare.

Trusting God’s timing requires a lot of patience.

We sometimes try to position ourselves for things that we are not ready for.

We think more about the benefits of what we may receive but we don’t think about what that certain thing will require from us.

I know in the beginning of starting something new or wanting something new, we expect to see results right away.

We start to rush the process and began to become frustrated with what we are doing simply because we are not getting the results we expected.

Trusting the process takes times.

God sometimes allow things to happen simply to build us so we won’t break.

Yes I know what you are doing may be hard but you have to trust God in the process because he’s not only preparing you for a certain thing be he’s also preparing a certain thing for you.

We must allow God to shift some things around in our life because he’s the one that’s going to lead us in the right direction.

Don’t allow your impatience cause you to quit what God has called you to do.

If God is in it, there is no limits.

We fail many times rushing what God is trying to do in our lives and that is what causes us to be frustrated.

Knowing that God is in control of your life is something you should not worry about.

If you put God is first in your life, trust his timing with your life.

Everything is going according to his plan

Trust God’s timing.

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God has a perfect plan for your imperfect life.

God has a perfect plan for your imperfect life.

Perfection is something we can strive for but still never manage to come close to. God understands that we will never be perfect. He knows that we are going to make mistakes and fail sometimes.

That doesn’t mean that his plan for us changes.

We go through life wanting to be perfect in the eyes of others. Then when we make a mistake or fail; the people we are trying to please are the first to judge.

People will use your past failures and mistakes against you and make you feel worthless.

But God see our imperfections and still use us effectively.

Many times we live our life trying to please others when the only one who’s opinion matters is our own and what God knows about us.

Don’t go through life trying to be perfect in the eyes of others just for them to tear you down.

The plans God has for your life are still in effect even when you make the mistakes.

It’s up to you to make the choice to get back on the path to following God’s perfect plan and will for your life.

Let your story be the one that inspires a generation.

Don’t feel shameful for the decisions and mistakes you made in life.

See everyday as a new opportunity to become better and fulfill your purpose in life.

God has something great in store for you.

Don’t let your imperfections stop the perfect plan that God has for your life.

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Don’t t let anyone or anything stop you from becoming who God has called you to be.

Don’t t let anyone or anything stop you from becoming who God has called you to be.

What is your purpose in life?

Do you believe the path that you are on is the right path for your future?

I know in life there are many times where we question if we are on the right path or not. Especially when things don’t seem to be going the way that we plan and hope it would be.

We all have made mistakes and experienced let downs and failures, but does that really mean we’re on the wrong path because we failed at something?

True failure is only when you quit doing something.

I can honestly say, if you quit doing the things that you love or quit becoming a better you; then you’re on the wrong path in life.

If you let God lead you, you will begin to understand that those let downs and what we call failures are only strengthening us to becoming better and pushing us to our purpose.

It takes hard work to stay focused and achieving your goals. Especially when your the only one doing it in your circle. Sometimes we would rather do what others are doing because it seems “easy”

If your life is easy, you also must be on the wrong path in life. Things should not be easy because when we experience the storms in life they will eventually defeat us.

Greatness will cause you to feel uncomfortable. Being on the right path is uncomfortable because not everyone is doing it.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and do what’s best for you.

The plans God has for your life is going to cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Life is going to get harder, that’s why we must get tougher.

Don’t let your comfort zone keep you from reaching your full potential.

You have greatness in you.

Greatness is contagious .

Let your greatness rub off on someone.

Get out of your comfort zone.

How I manage: being a full time student,working a full time job, part time job, entrepreneur, and being a father.

Now this is a good topic to discuss because I know it’s hard to just manage a few things in our life especially before you get to where you are comfortable in life.

Now currently I just graduated college

I graduated my 5th year. I had some setbacks and situations that really could have stopped me from achieving this goal.

My freshman year, I started off as a engineering major and it was not easy at all. I began to let it get the best of me and I was stressing. I wanted to quit right there but after talking to my mom she let me know how much more life can be stressful than just school work.

Now that’s the first time so of course now I’m feeling motivated to go back.

Then I started thinking about being an entrepreneur. I had then started, what was a business first, a company called Dream Leaders.

When you look at people being successful on YouTube, that kind of gives you hope to do the same.

I started thinking, why go to school when I can make more money and invest in myself doing YouTube. So the thought came in my mind again to quit.

I then started speaking in schools telling kids not to quit, but then here I am wanting to quit what I started.

I stopped going to class and stopped doing work. I got way behind and even got on academic probation.

My parents talked to me again and it hit me….

How can I go motivate kids to do their best and not quit when I’m trying to quit?

So I had to get things back in order with school.

I ended changing my major which were all online classes and still pursued being an entrepreneur…

Long story short I applied myself and I never quit and this was the result.

I work a full time job and part time job with kids !! Definitely worth it. Keeps me active but also very tired to do anything.

I work around 11-12 hours Monday through Friday and I’m completely drained by the time I come home.

Which leads to me wanting to be an entrepreneur, I have to also make time for that.

I start off strong but then I kind of wears you out after so long.

So after a long day of work I manage to still make videos and recently I just wrote a book, which almost seem like it took forever.

So managing school, two jobs, entrepreneur is already a lot you may say but then on top of all that the greatest thing happened to me.


Thank God I only had one more semester left of school when my son was born.

Raising a child is waaayyy more work than school, work and entrepreneurship.

My load got even heavier

But having my son actually helped pushed me to still manage

How??? You might ask

Because him being here helped me realize a lot of things.

Helped me to understand that what I’m doing is just not for me anymore.

I have someone else to really consider other than my self.

I know if I want to give him the best life, I must work 10 times harder.

It’s very tough but when you have something worth fighting for, it doesn’t matter what it takes.

While being a dad I still

Graduated college

Go to work daily

Do my YouTube videos

Published a book

And more

Did I do it alone? Of course NOT!

The best thing is having a good support system.

My son My is a great mother and does a good job taking care of him.

My mom and sister ALWAYS help me when I have things to do.

And my girlfriend mom is also very helpful

When it comes to managing and balancing life you have to make sure you get these two things

Good rest

A good support system

Don’t over do things. Don’t over work yourself.

You have to realize that your health is important too.

You can manage your time by

Planning ahead

Putting things in a planner

Or phone calendar

Make sure you also make time for yourself.

Yes I get tired and sometimes I have to go to the gym to get my mind back ready and focused.

The gym helps me release

I also nap a lot. A WHOLE LOT

I get a lot done and still manage to also take care of my health.

So if you’re reading this, just know you can manage things but you also have to be ready to put in a lot of work.

Since graduating college, i was able to put more time into the other things.

Make a check list to check so things off so you can see how much of a difference it makes.

I now have started my mentor program and writing my second book!!

So it can be done!!

Question is

Are you willing to do more than what it takes??!?

Tips To Help You Write Your First Book

Writing a book could be difficult at times simply because of these three things

• Having time to write

• What to write about

• How much to write

I know I struggled with writing at the beginning because I would write things down but I felt it wasn’t enough I needed more or I just could not find the time.

I always want to publish books but I didn’t realize the time it requires just to get it done.

I then started to think 🤔 if I have to turn in 4 page papers every week to my college professors maybe I can really write a book in no time.

And that’s what I start doing. Setting out time to write my college papers, I decided to set out time to write my own book.

Tips you need to know that will motivate you to write:

• 30 minutes to 1 hour writing /day

• Buying a good size journal

• A Good Title

• Topic

30 minutes to 1 hour writing/ day

It’s always hard to find time with our busy schedule but if we manage our time right we will soon see how important time management is to the things we feel we are not having time to do.

I started dedicating time to write because I don’t want to just write 1 book, I want to write tons.

Setting out time will definitely help you and structure you to writing your book.

It may take some time to adjust but once you get started you’re not gonna want to stop.

Buying a good size journal

Having a journal is how I started writing. Some may say the size of the journal don’t matter but if you have a good size journal you will be able to elaborate more on it.

This may not matter to some but have a journal period will help you on your writing journey.

A Good Title

You may not know what to write about or where to start. Having a Title can change help you with that.

Coming up with a Title first help me to know what I want to talk about in my book and helped me decide the chapters.

Your title should catch the interest of the reader. Having a Title that would catch people’s attention is very important because there is someone out there that may not know you but they can still find your book based on your title.

Some people may write first then come up with a title and others start with the title. I have books that I haven’t started writing yet but I already have a title for them just to help me start writing them.


Your chapters in the story must match your title. Your chapter topics will also help you to know what it is you want to talk about in your book.

You can always add and take away as time goes on but just having different topics will save you a lot of time especially if you may want to use it for another book.

Writing a book takes time. Don’t rush it but give yourself a due date on when you want to be finished.

I wanted to publish my book last year but just like most I did not know where to start. The main thing I did was never stop writing. Now I have so many titles, topics, and things written down that’s helping write.

Don’t rush the process trust the process and don’t stop writing!!

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The Positive Notebook: 5 things you should tell yourself everyday.

5 things you should tell yourself everyday

Everyday you wake up is a blessing. The way to get your day started and on track no matter what situation you may face today, you must speak positive facts to yourself. Encourage yourself. Build yourself up. Have confidence in your abilities, your looks, yourself, and God!

I got 5 things you NEED to tell yourself to help you be the best that you know you already are!


You are the best at anything you are trying to do. Most importantly you are the best at being YOU! Never think you are worth less. No one can be you better than you. I wake up everyday know that Dartannon is the best at being Dartannon. You don’t have to be like others. God created you just the way he knew best. He knows you better than you know yourself. He sees you and know you are the best. Believe that you are too!!


I know life can be tough at times, but you got this!! You’re blessed to see another day for a reason! Go out and make greatness happen for yourself. Anything you put your mind to doing, you can do! Never doubt your God given abilities. Don’t limit yourself from the things God has taken the limits off of for you. YOU CAN DO IT!!


I know at times it just feels like you are alone, but I promise, God is always with you! Through the good and the bad, he is right there. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge the goodness he has done for you. We need God daily. Starting your day off with God is always a plus for a great day. No matter any circumstance, he is right there. You are not alone. Talk to God.


You are a winner, no matter what! Have that winning attitude daily. To me , a loss is just another lesson that’s going to help me win! You are a winner at everything you are doing, especially Life!! You’re blessed to have another chance to win! Take advantage! Make your days count and win win win no matter what!!


This is one of the main things I tell myself. Even when things may go left, I always have the faith to know that God will make things right! Proclaiming that today is your day is a major confidence builder because we never know what the day will bring. That’s all faith! Believing in something even though you can’t see it. Walk by faith not sight. It’s your day to be great!!

Now that you know these 5 things to tell yourself. Go out and make great things happen for yourself. Dreams don’t work unless you get to work. You have greatness in you, so go give greatness and receive it in return!!

The Positive Notebook: Born to win, Built to win

We all have greatness within us, Despite our circumstances in which we are born in. We all have the choice and opportunity to do and be something great in the world. Some may say we were born to lose. But once you realize who you are and whose you are, you will begin to realize that you were born to win from the start. Many people that you may come across in your lifetime want you to fail. Realize that the battle is given to those who endure until the end. It isn’t complete failure until you quit. In life you’re going to win, and you’re going to lose. Your true character will show in those moments in how you handle it. You were born to win and built to win. But you must experience some loses in life to win. Those loses are just learning curves to push you to your greatness. Learn from those loses, and believe that in the end you’ll have sweet victory.

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The Positive Notebook: God is fixing the broken pieces of your life

God is fixing the broken pieces of your life. Get ready for restoration.

God is preparing you for everything you prayed for.

We sometimes feel broken from what life brings us at times. From losing things to losing someone we love. Broken pieces can be put back together. But we sometimes feel as if it’s never going to be the same. It’s true. It won’t be the same but knowing that life goes on and that all your pieces can be put back together to keep going on in life.

God is going to restore you back better than ever. Your testimony is going to be what reach others to help them put their broken pieces together. God is going to restore you and add more value to what he is restoring. It’s all in preparation for what you have prayed for. When you pray for something you must also be ready for the battle the enemy is going to put up to stop you to fulfilling what God is about to bless you with.

Pray for it then prepare for it. What you want to become depends on what you can overcome. The brokenness in your life is apart of your story. Setbacks just prepare you for your comeback. God is making you stronger than you were before. Get ready but stay ready for what God is about to do in your life.

Don’t lose those broken pieces because they can be put back together. Don’t lose yourself. Find God because he will help you find yourself and help you put those broken pieces back together.

The Positive Notebook: You deserve.

You deserve every good thing that is coming to you this year. I know in past time it can seem like you been giving more than you have been receiving. I’m believing that this year, you will be rewarded for how much you’ve given. You deserve the happiness you been giving others. The deserve the love you been showing to others. You deserve the loyalty. Don’t settle for anything less than what you have been giving. Know what you deserve. The good things that are coming are going to Be worth the wait. God’s blessing on your life is about to be seen from others.

We all know the saying, “ you get what you deserve “ which is a true statement. What you give you will get back in return. Life is too short to live life full of anger and disappointments. Although these things will occur, we must think of the blessings of God allowing us to make it this far and the great things that are in store. Live life to the fullest. Full of happiness, full of love, full of laughter, full of positivity. What you deserve will be in return this season. Show love to others, support others, be there for others. Getting what you deserve first start with GIVING what you deserve.

The Positive Notebook: The Art of the Mind

The mind is a beautiful art. One of the greatest things about the mind is that we have control over it. We face the most battles in our mind because, it is the mind in which the battles begin before it becomes action. Negativity will cross your mind, but your greatest power is replacing that negativity with positivity. The choice is yours. Another great power that you have is that, whatever you put your mind to do, you will and can do. We all have dreams and goals, and if we constantly put thoughts of greatness in our mind, it will soon become actions of greatness. Yes, people are going to doubt you and tell you what’s impossible, but with God, all things are possible and you are the masterpiece of the most high. You have the power to make your dreams a reality. Let your thoughts become actions of hard work and dedication. Faith without works is dead. Keep a positive mindset throughout your journey. You have greatness in you! and don’t let anyone change your mind about your greatness. Know yourself, know your worth. You have the power over your own mind. Don’t let the impossibilities of someone else stop you from achieving the things you know are possible.

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