You must train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or else you will lose yourself every time.

Our mind is a powerful tool in life

I know it’s easy for us to go to the gym, lift weights and do things to strengthen our physical bodies

But strengthening our minds is a bigger challenge because of the things you will have to do to make sure your mindset is building

It’s easier said than done

I know what some may be thinking…

I can I build my mind with all these trials and tribulations I am facing?

That’s probably the toughest thing to do is trying to build something in your weakest moments

I remember when I first tore my Achilles

The hardest part wasn’t walking getting surgery, walking on crutches or walking in a boot

The hardest part was building that strength back in my leg

While things are good

It’s easy to focus and stay ahead of things

When my legs were good

It was easy to go work them out


The main thing that your do in your strong moments is continue to build a habit to build strength

You must prepare for those moments in which you become weak in

They’re coming whether we want them to or not

That’s why it’s important to strengthen your mind daily

Feed your mind information and knowledge

Build that confidence

All of that starts before you become weak

Even in my situation, I still stuggled accepting it but God showed me something that changed my whole mindset

If I did not prepare my mind ahead of time

I would not have accepted what God showed me

I challenge who ever is reading this to build your mind daily.

Don’t let your emotions get involved because you will miss out on the bigger picture.

You’ll miss out on becoming better

You’ll miss out on what that lesson is trying to teach you

Our weakest moments are our learning moments

Be strong mentally



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My days are better when I pray and talk to God first.

When I wake up each morning I try to get up somewhere between 4:30-5 and get my day started during the weekdays

I’ve noticed how much of difference my day goes when I get up, pray and get my morning started.

Waking up early to talk to God makes me feel like I’m first in line to not only tell him what I’m in need of but to thank him for blessing me to see another day that wasn’t promised.

Talking to God to start my morning help me to know how I should receive the day.

I understand that not everyday is not going to be a good day

But I know that God is with me and blessed me to take on the day for a reason

Being able to see another day is a blessing

No matter how the day may go

You’re still blessed and here for a reason

It’s really a humble Situation to put yourself in to talk to God first thing in the morning

I discipline myself to get up, pray, and workout

It’ll really help your mind for the day

I know it has helped me many times

Just talking to God at anytime will help you gain that hope and confidence in your day.

Don’t go a day without communicating with God

Don’t allow yourself to live life based on your own strength

You’ll fail every-time

Start your day off with prayer

You’ll see the difference it makes just giving that time to God to start your day.



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God is about to give you what they said you didn’t deserve.

People can’t stop what God wants you to have.

God already knows the plans for your life

He said so in Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Stop worrying about what people have to say

God gave you the vision, not them

You were blessed with the abilities and God helped you change your mindset

That’s why what you do has such a great effect

If you spend your time worrying about what other people are saying

Then you’ll miss the time you need to be spending working on yourself

People are going to talk

Let them talk

The only one you need to listen to is God

An overflow of blessings are coming your way.

Get ready

The same people that doubted you are going to be the same ones to applaud you later

Allow God to keep working on you

He has great plans for your future

Trust his plans

Stand on his promises

A great future is something that you should look forward too

Don’t allow people to blur out your vision

Their blindness can’t lead you

God has everything on schedule at the right time



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I pray you quit overthinking, replaying failed scenarios, feeding self doubt and seeing the good in everyone but yourself. You deserve more.

We all want what we deserve in life.

Sometimes we want something so bad that we are willing to settle.

My prayer today is simple

That we will begin to feed ourselves with encouragement and motivation each day.

Stop looking at your past situations and letting it effect your future

Because of what some have been through, we overthink a lot and it causes a major mental overload.

It’s begin to get hard to trust and depend on people.

Most times it gets hard for us to depend on ourselves.

It shouldn’t be that way

Have total confidence in yourself enough to if you are feeling a type of way, you don’t hesitate to go to God about the situation.

God has all the answers for you

But we sometimes forget that

We forget because we already have that mindset of doubt

When you doubt yourself it becomes easy to doubt God

You already set a chain reaction to doubt any other thing that comes

Take the time out for yourself

Love yourself

Build your faith

We must not let our minds be defeated

If you lose mentally, you already lost physically

So I pray today for anyone that is reading this, that you will begin to stop overthinking, stop doubting yourself, and stop feeling like you’re not enough.

You are enough

Start telling yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH


God wants what’s best for you

God has a purpose for your life



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Give yourself time to heal Don’t expect the next person to be a Band-aid for what the last person did.

Many of us have had our hearts broken, been let down or thought someone we had a future with would potentially be someone we spend the rest of our life with.

Most times we try to find someone else and not give ourselves time to heal and move on.

Then you wonder if they/you ever truly loved you since they/you moved on so fast.

I know it would be hard to move on with the quickness especially if you invested a lot of time in someone.

I know as a man, men move on with the quickness

It hurts but to get over the hurt we try to rush and find someone else to fill the hurt.

For most women I know they may take their time and be patient

They learn to deal with the hurt

A good woman will learn from the relationship and not search for the same type of guy.

A good man will learn from the relationship and not search for the same type of girl.

But how can we search for what we deserve if we never heal?

Healing should be a priority in your life.

It may take time but you don’t want to go through the same things over and over just with a different person.

Take the time out to heal

I know it hurts

I know it hurts more seeing what the other person is doing also

But when you receive your healing you won’t be focused on what they are doing

You will already be moved on ready to receive what you deserve.

Don’t bring past hurt into a new relationship

Because you can push away someone that really cares for you

Just because you let the hurt in

Go get your healing

Take that time out

Go get what you deserve.

There’s someone out there that wants to give you the love you desire.



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What was meant to destroy you God will use to elevate you.

We all go through different trials in our life

Some of us face the same things

In those moments it seem as if there is no way out of the situation

Many times we feel defeated because of the battle we endured

Those trials don’t come to destroy us

But we face them to become stronger

There are many attacks the devil is going to try and throw at you

Mostly attacks in your mind

The devil wants you to throw in the towel

He wants you to be defeated

He wants you to doubt

He wants you to feel hopeless

But the God we serve is bigger than all those things

What the enemy throws at you God is blocking and protecting you

I know it may look like you’re defeated from other people’s point of view

But God is aligning things in your favor behind closed doors

God is going to use the trials you are facing right now to elevate you to another level

Don’t look at the situation like you’re defeated

Know that God is with you through every trial and trust him to get you through it

God is building your faith and trust in him through that trial

You’re going to come out on top

But remember

Going up a level brings a new devil

You are going to be faced with many trials

As you began to overcome you will have to also elevate your faith

You’re going to elevate and be prosperous

But make sure your faith stays elevated also

God see’s what you are going through

Trust him

Communicate with him


This is just preparing you for what you prayed for.



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Bae Requirements: Love God with me,Live for God with me ,Pray with me, Serve with me, Be honest with me, Grow with me

We all have hopes of finding that true love we can call our forever

Sometimes when we are searching for love we go by looks and not by the characteristics people show

Someone can look good and still have no desire to change

Someone can look good and still not be interested in the things that you are

Find someone who you can connect with

Most importantly

Find someone who is connected to God and has a relationship with him

If you know you live your life a certain way

Don’t go find someone that will make you do things you have no desire of doing.

What are you really looking for in a relationship ?

Really think about who you want to spend the rest of your life with

Love is a forever thing

Not a temporary thing

Love God with me

If you love God, find someone that express the same kind of love to God

Then you both can express that same love together to him

Live for God with me

living for God is not easy, but you can find someone that also live for God and he will strengthen you so when times are hard and someone is weak the other person can be there to strengthen you and remind you of the God you serve.

Pray with me

If bae don’t pray, he/she can’t stay

Someone that prays for you is definitely someone you would want in your life

Life is not easy

Coming together in unity and prayer is a powerful thing.

Serve with me

We all must serve

Find someone who don’t mind being selfless

Many times we lack at serving because we are with selfish people and it will cause discouragement and make you not want to serve.

If someone is willing to take a back seat and put other people needs before theirs will show you how much they will put you before themselves

Be honest with me

Honesty is a great thing

Be honest with each other

The truth hurts but a lie hurts even worse

Let honesty build the relationship

You’re not perfect

Mistakes are going to happen

And that’s where the honesty kicks in

Amit that you’re struggling with something

Admit that you need help

You can’t heal what you don’t reveal

Grow with me

It’s a beautiful thing when you can find someone who is growing with you.

Find someone who is willing to

Grow as a person

Grow financially

Grow in God

Growth is a key factor to see all the progress you have made

If you know what you want in love

Have those requirements

You don’t have to settle for less

You know what you want and deserve

Then go get it

Love is a beautiful thing.

I know I found my true love

Someone who I can grow with

And can continue to grow in God with



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When God is all you have, then all you have is all you need.

God is my everything

I know many times when I was lost, he was always there

The many times when other people walked out of my life

God stayed

We put so much effort into people trying to please them or make sure we get their attention when in the end their efforts are not corresponding with ours.

When we put our efforts into serving God

We begin to see the relationship grow and we begin to see things in a whole new perspective.

We grow in knowledge, wisdom, love and many other things that we sometime are unaware of.

When we put our trust in people

They they fail us

We put our trust in God

And he goes above and beyond anything we could ever imagine.

If you don’t have no one that you can trust or count on

You can always trust God with your life

To many times we put our trust and hopes into people just to get let down and live disappointed.

When all you have is God

God is all that you need

Find like minded people with the same mindset to serve God

It will boosts your efforts into serving God

We fail

We are not perfect

But we serve a God that never fails

And perfect

God will always be there

Rely on God

Trust him

Praise him

Thank him

He knows you best

He knows what you need

He knows who you are

He knows that you’re going to make it

Just trust him

Allow God to put trust worthy people in your circle that are serious about him

If they are serious about God

They will be serious about you.



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Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

As we go through life we know the importance of relationship building.

Whether it’s with building a relationship with God or someone that you are pursuing.

The main relationship I believe we miss out on building as a young adult is the relationship we have with ourselves.

Loving yourself, trusting yourself, knowing your worth, and knowing how valuable you are should be a priority in our lives when it comes to our own personal well being.

We drain ourselves many times because we offer these things to others and most of the time we don’t get it back in return from them.

The mental state of that is unhealthy.

How is it even possible to provide these things if you can’t do it for yourself first?

We all have dealt with some type of mental health

Not because we don’t love ourselves enough or don’t know our worth

But because we take the time out for others and forget about ourselves.

It’s good to do for others and help people

But if you can’t help yourself first, you can’t possibly have an effect on others.

Loving yourself and building that relationship with yourself is not a selfish act

It’s important that you take the time out for you.

When people see how much you care and value yourself

They will know that you can do the same for them.

Set the tone on self care.

It will help you to appreciate and be very affective in our world today.

So many people deal with mental health.

All because they don’t make time for themselves to get stronger mentally

Strengthen your mind

Yes you are going to have moments where you just feel like giving up

But you have to continue to stand on God’s promises.

Rely on God for strength

You need strength to go out and make a difference in the world

But make sure you take that time to rejuvenate and get your strength back

Love yourself

Cherish yourself

Trust yourself

Believe in yourself

Focus on yourself

I promise it’s going to set the tone.



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They didn’t leave you. God removed them.

People have been removed from your life because God is getting ready to elevate your life and they cannot go where God is taking you.

Many times we think that we are obligated to have certain people around us

But when it comes to elevation and progress

Some people are not elevating with you

And we try continue to help people that’s ok with being stagnant and it’s causing us to be stagnant.

Don’t allow others to drop their baggage off on you

Only to have you focused on their problems and not getting yourself together.

We sometimes have toxic people that continually complain or make excuses

And we think just because they’re our friends or family

We have to keep them around

When God shift your life, it’s ok to let those people go.

God is going to remove anyone that is not on the same path as you.

Trust God in this season

If you’re progressing in life and you see people that you’re usually around begin to leave

Just know that God plan for you does not require them to be present

God will send you someone or people that are going celebrate you and not just tolerate you.

People come into our life for a reason a season and a lifetime.



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